What does the program include?

• A two-hour one-on-one personalized assessment including goal setting, strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and body composition testing, and demonstration on training equipment
• Two small group high intensity training (HIT) sessions a week (3-5 participants)
• Supplemental workouts to perform at home
• A one-hour one-on-one monthly assessment to measure improvements and revise goals.
• Nutritional goals, tracking and pointers
• Emails, phone calls and accountability!

What is the n8kinetix approach?

• This holistic program incorporates strength and conditioning, nutrition, flexibility and recovery in a supportive group setting while tying the program back into clients’ larger personalized goals.
• Workouts begin with a structured warm-up that improves flexibility, balance and range of motion and end with a cool down to aid recovery. Good posture and form are stressed throughout.
• Classes incorporate high intensity intervals with metabolic strength training – these are very effective, fat-burning workouts.

What kind of equipment does the program use?
Anything we can get our hands on! We’ll use everything from free weights, dumbbells, TRX suspension trainers and kettle bells, to less familiar equipment such as battling ropes, prowlers, sleds and, of course, good old fashion body weight.