The Liquid Gold Smoothie

We call this Liquid Gold in our house, because no one can get enough of it! It is a staple on our breakfast menu. The frozen berries make the smoothie icy without having to add ice. If you plan to make these daily, find a good blender. We burned through several motors before finding a blender that works for our usage.

Add to blender in this order:

1 cup milk (organic whole preferred)
2 cups pomegranate juice (POM brand is great; verify it’s 100% pomegranate juice from concentrate)
4T ground flax seeds
4 heaping scoops of vanilla protein powder (whey based)
Frozen berries & Fruit (fill to the rim)

Note: Top it off with a little more pomegranate juice to hep with consistency.

Blend and enjoy!

About the Author

Kris Jackson is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, an avid runner, a triathlete, a group kickboxing and boot camp instructor, and owner of n8kinetix, a fitness and wellness company in Raleigh, North Carolina. Kris loves helping people reach their full potential and will work with you to set realistic and achievable goals, to help guide you through the maze of American nutrition, to develop a personalized fitness plan. She will push you to work hard, while providing a safe, fun environment.

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